A pump adaptor by BonTech
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Swinter and Spilla


In July 2013 Bontech were proud to announce they had been accepted into Federal Govt. Commercialisation Australia www.commercialisationaustralia.gov.au/Pages/Home.aspx 2013/2014 for their latest innovation, the pump adaptor Spilla®.  Commercialisation Australia is an initiative of the Australian Government and is a competitive, merit-based assistance program offering funding and resources to accelerate the business building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors looking to commercialise innovative intellectual property

This funding and support will allow Bontech to trial Spilla® in various locations to prove diversity, durability and the different pumping capacities of Spilla® on various windmill types, and site characteristics.

Commercialisation Australia see a huge potential in both the domestic and international markets for Spilla®.  This product is a pump adaptor which allows any over the counter pump to become a deep well pump.  It does not have any ‘down in the hole’ moving parts, making it significantly safer option for maintenance and installation around windmills.

Independently monitored trials to date have shown it has a much higher theoretical maximum efficiency than the jet pump.

Spilla® is an impulse pump; it utilizes the inertia of driven fluid in the pumping circuit to harvest water from the source depth against its static head.  The pumping circuit is pressurized by a supply pump located on the surface which drives water to the Spilla® at the source depth.



Martin Boniface and Stephen Winter have been on the road in NSW, Qld and Northern Territory installing several prototypes.  All the Bontech Spilla® prototypes utilize Bontech Agmon® to register water flow, rainfall, humidity etc.. to a dedicated website  www.Spilla.com.au

Participants in the trial can log onto this dedicated website with their individual codes and track water flow, rain fall, water depth, humidity etc.

Trials are expected to run until approx. May – June 2014.  At that time, all data received will be independently reviewed and presented to Commercialisation Australia for final review.

Martin is also currently in discussions with windmill distributors, and  windmill contractors, re this exciting new development in water extraction and wind mill maintenance.



Principal target market for the Spilla is farmers and graziers who need access to ground water cheaply and efficiently over long periods of time with minimal supervision.

Australia still relies heavily on agriculture for both domestic and overseas exports.  As it is an extremely dry continent bringing water to stock is a challenging task.

Fluctuations in weather patterns make it difficult to predict where and when rain is likely to fall.  Consequently, the most prudent solution, that has proven to be most reliable over time, is to extract water from under the ground.  Beef cattle alone account for 44% for all farms with “agriculture activity”, with 59,893 properties running cattle.

**ABS Agricultural Commodities – figures as at June 2009


If you would like more information on either Spilla® or Agmon®, either as a distributor or as a wholesaler, please do not hesitate to contact

Martin on 0418 180 780,

Steven on 0437 789 958 or Colette at sales@bontech.net.au